Testimonials – Children’s Yoga Classes

“I once had a vivacious, happy and healthy daughter of 8 years of age and somewhere during Grade 2-3 she lost her “mojo”, her self confidence disappeared as she found school and life in general extremely challenging. She has dyslexia and she learns differently to others and these markers of difference started to destroy her sense of self and her general peace of mind. She was fatigued, sleeping 13 hours a night. She was surrounded by love and care at school and at home but she developed a sense of helplessness. She was diagnosed as clinically depressed with an anxiety disorder by 9 years of age and I wondered how she would climb out of her pit of despair. Psychological assistance helped but it was not until she started children’s yoga with Moksha that she found strategies for mindfulness and practical tools to manage anxious situations and new challenges. Lanie  changed her life and our family. Our now 10 year old’s physical flexibility which makes hand writing challenging makes yoga easy! She found a sport she is good at and loves. She still has anxious days but weekly yoga brings her peace and a positivity towards life that she had once lost.”  Kerrie


“My daughter Olivia has thoroughly enjoyed her introduction to yoga and the continued experience is helping her in many ways.  Every class is a positive and rewarding experience where the children are taken through activities that foster self confidence, nurturing and care for others as their own well being.  Olivia has discovered a sense of belonging and a strong sense of committment to her classes and looks forward to each week with a quiet eagerness.  Moksha Yoga and their fantastic instructor Laine have provided us with a great experience.  I can only hope that she continues doing yoga ‘until she’s a teenager’ as she often says!!” Georgina & Olivia De Frece


“I’ve loved doing yoga because I play lot’s of sport.  I like going to class because I get to relax after school. I like Lanie because she is nice and she has taught me how to do yoga skills. It has been a great time at yoga because you are a great yoga company and I have made lots of friends”. Sebastian Hall



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"Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos - the trees, the clouds, everything"
-Thich Nhat Hahn