Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga Beginners Course

Benefits of our Beginners Vinyasa Yoga Course include:
  • Learn the practices of Yoga in an open, supportive environment
  • Ask questions and learn how to modify your practice for your individual needs
  • Increased spinal alignment and support
  • Strengthen the musculoskeletal system
  • Rebalance the sleep/wake cycles and improve the quality of sleep
  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and mild depression
  • Detoxify the skin through sweat whilst supporting organs of elimination
  • Improved digestion
  • Boost immunity during the winter and summer months
  • Allow the power of Yoga to support you through times of stress
  • Add a Yoga practice to an existing activity such as running, cycling, golf, football, weight training, swimming and more……
  • And much, much more………..

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Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga Beginners Course with Moksha Yoga

This course continues to be a much sought after Yoga Course, created specifically for students who have either never practiced before or it’s been while since their last practice as well as for students who would like to learn the Vinyasa style of Yoga.  The Beginners Course is a great way to learn the practices of Yoga in an open and supportive environment with the opportunity of asking questions and modifying the practice/postures to suit individual needs and capabilities.

For those who have little or no Yoga experience we strongly recommend that you attend this course prior to your first class and we have found that students who commence their practice through the Moksha Beginners Course move into the public Vinyasa Classes with greater ease and are more prepared for the pace of a general level class.

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This course covers the various aspects of Yoga commonly practiced in a public Vinyasa class including:-

  • Bandha – the physical locks for musculoskeletal support and support of major joint complexes
  • Pranayama – breathing practices adopted at the beginning, during and after a Vinyasa class to support the dominant nervous systems innervated throughout the different stages of the practice
  • Asana – physical postures sequenced in a particular way (Vinyasa Krama) to maximize the health benefits to the muscles, joints and systems of the body including but not limited to digestive, immune, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine, integumentary (skin), and reproductive systems
  • Savasana – the last posture of the practice to aid relaxation and absorb the holistic benefits of the practice

To support you during the course and in your home practice, we also provide you with a copy of the Intro to Vinyasa Yoga Manual as well as offering you a complimentary yoga class to be used prior to the final session of the course to experience your practice in a public class.

The course runs for 1.25 hours over 5 consecutive weeks and dates are scheduled twice a month with courses held on Thursday evenings from 7.30-8.45pm OR Saturday mornings from 9.30-10.45am.  Places for this course fill fairly quickly therefore registration and payment is required prior to course commencement, contact us today on (03) 9557-5885 to book your place on our next course and start to see the changes Yoga can make in your life!

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To register for our Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga Beginners Course please download the following form and return your completed form either via email to or directly to our studio – R&H Form – Courses






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