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“Meeting Emma and starting at Moksha changed everything for me. Having tried yoga before but not found it accessible Emma helped me see that yoga is for everyone. She was able to identify what I needed from my practice and steered me in the right direction to embark on my own journey. Thank you so much Emma for helping me opening up my heart to the practice of yoga”.

Caroline Lofgren, Yoga Student

“For years my Naturopath had been trying to convince me that yoga would fix all my problems e.g. arthritis, trigger thumb, repetitive strain Injury and instead of this advice I continued on seeing a Chiropractor on average once a fortnight for the past 20 years and I also saw a Physiotherapist who gave me personal lessons in Clinical Pilates every week over a period of a year, and at other times I would see a Myotherapist, and an Osteopath for the above mentioned ailments. I even had to have an operation due to my Trigger Thumb which was very painful and prevented me from doing Floristry at my business Ngenious Floriade for some months, I had to employ staff to cover for my inability to use my hand during this time. All of these treatments gave me temporary instant relief, but nothing long lasting – nothing with staying power.

Then I made an appointment with Emma at Moksha Yoga. When I started a treatment plan with Emma last year I could not have anticipated the long term benefits and the strength I now have in my back, shoulder, wrist, hand and fingers after only 5 personal lessons. I have now returned to Floristry which I absolutely love and feel I have my life back thanks to Emma. I continue to practice my yoga almost every day and this keeps all my ailments at bay, I don’t have any more pain and my Trigger Thumb is fine as long as I do yoga.

Emma has impressed me in every way from her faith in Yoga to heal, her spirituality and commitment to her patients. Emma’s knowledge is extensive and I find this knowledge and her teaching style amazing. I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Emma and intend on returning to further my yoga practice in the future…”

Jenny Ng
Director Ngenious Floriade & Former Vice Principal of The Australian Academy of Floral Art

“I wish to advise you of how Emma at Moksha Yoga has helped changed my life and perspective and assisted me to enhance a better more holistic relaxed future.    After complicated cardia surgery I decided that I needed to try and find something to assist me so on recommendation of the Occupational Therapists at Re-Habilitation I decided I would try Yoga.  I phoned Emma and she was amazingly helpful and encouraging.  I had no confidence in attending a Yoga class and if any one thought they could teach me how to relax “this would be interesting”.   I enrolled for my first private lesson.   Emma was wonderful and patient and listened and did not expect too much from me which instantly helped me to relax.   She went out of her way to find out about the techniques of what my surgery involved to see where she could best help with my rehabilitation and strengthen my body but also my mind.   I had no idea what was ahead of me that day and was anxious to attend.  I was not in my “comfort zone”.

Emma was great and gave me the confidence to continue to attend classes and see if Yoga could help me.   Well Yoga has been wonderful for me and I absolutely love attending my classes.  They are solely the one thing that I have for myself.  Emma has assisted me in teaching me poses that strengthen my muscles and keep my heart rate working hard but not putting too much stress on my body.   We have worked consistently on building my muscle strength and it has helped me immensely.    Particularly my breast bone that was broken in the Surgery and has taken some time to learn to “open and work the bones” to keep them flexible.

Even though at times the classes are challenging I always walk away feeling better and knowing that I can still keep up with the pace – although there is great room for improvement on my part.  The most amazing thing about my Yoga experience is that Emma has taught me how to relax at night.   I never thought that this would be possible.   I “went to bed every night with all of my clients” – what a saying!!!   But seriously I would wake continuously and jot down notes for what I wanted to do the next day.    Or alternatively I would lie awake and just frustratingly wait until an acceptable hour to get up to continue with the days work.   Now I can breathe in numerous different ways and send myself back to sleep.  It is amazing.

I cannot recommend Moksha Yoga highly enough to any person to attend.  It has been a life changing experience for me and I cannot thank Emma enough for what she has taught me and her love and care to help my along my very difficult journey so far.     Emma is an amazing Yoga teacher and I now have the confidence to attend a mixed class which I never would have thought possible for me.     I could not more highly recommend Emma and her team to continue in helping “stressed out” people like me to find a way to escape our everyday stresses and look for a more relaxed future”

 C. Buck – Private Yoga Student

“I am a nurse who has had back issues over the years and I have done yoga on and off for about 2 years with no back trouble.  I recently had an acute back pain episode after not doing any yoga for about 6 months. I was in a great deal of pain, on strong pain relief, and not seeing any improvement in my back.  I rang Emma and booked a one on one private yoga session with the possibility of a series of 5 if I felt it had helped. I was very anxious of any movement and did not hold much hope.

Emma discussed my test results, and explained very thoroughly what she hoped to achieve with me at my first session. She went through 2 or 3 very simple stretches, very slowly, with lots of explaining and encouragement. I felt very reassured by her confidence in me and her knowledge of anatomy.  I walked out of there upright, and feeling better than I had in weeks. I wished I had called her much earlier. I threw away my pain killers that night.”

Helen Williams

“Andrew and I started taking weekly private Yoga sessions with Jedda in September 2013. We immediately felt very welcome in the studio. Jedda is amazing and we look forward to our weekly class with her. Prior to starting at Moksha neither of us had done any Yoga before. We considered doing the group classes but felt that since we had no idea what we were doing that the private classes would be a great way to get us up to a basic level without feeling like idiots in the group class. Our plan initially was to do private classes for 5 or 6 weeks and then move into a group class. However that idea quickly went out the window. We liked our private classes with Jedda so much that now she can’t get rid of us.

The private classes really appeal to us as we can ask questions and get individual attention to improve postures and poses. This has meant that we have been able to progress quickly through learning many of the poses and our strength has increased a lot as a result. We have no hesitation in recommending Moksha as the perfect place to learn and refine your yoga practice.”

Selena Kemp & Andrew Scott


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