Benefits include:
  • Increases parasympathetic nervous system
  • Increases physical and mental relaxation
  • Rebalances the sleep/wake cycles
  • Relaxes musculoskeletal system
  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety and mild depression
  • Calms the mind and increases the mind/body connection
  • Boosts the immune system during winter & summer
  • And much, much more………..

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“Yoga practice can make us more and more sensitive to subtler sensations in the body.  Paying attention to and staying with finer and finer sensations within the body is one of the surests ways to steady the wandering mind”. Ravi Ravindra

Beginners Vinyasa Yoga Classes with Moksha Yoga

A gentle, restorative Beginners Vinyasa Yoga class delivered at a moderate pace to relax and restore the body and calm the mind by working with vinyasa sequences (asana), a variety of breathing practices (pranayama) and deep relaxation techniques designed for students who are new to a Yoga practice.

This is a great class to start with if you are new to Yoga or are yet to complete the Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga Beginners Course and is also suitable for students managing injuries or looking for a restorative class.

You may also wish to add this class to your existing Yoga schedule,particularly if you are attending the vinyasa classes and is suitable for all levels.

The Beginners Vinyasa Yoga Classes are held every Monday and Wednesday nights from 7.30-8.45pm, the perfect time to relax, restore and feel re-energised!



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"Compassion is the religion of the heart."
-Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati