Testimonials – 30 Day Yoga Challenge

“I just wanted to share my experience of the 30 day challenge. Prior to joining I’d lost touch with yoga. Having recently been through a personal crisis, I was trying to focus on Uni and work but was finding it extremely difficult. I happened to resume classes at Moksha after a long gap and found out about the 30 day challenge. At first I was hesitant because I wondered whether I’d be able to make the time. I decided to join anyway and I’m extremely glad I did. Not only was I able to find my inner peace and happiness but also found I was able to focus and concentrate better at work and Uni! I’ve struggled to attend all 30 days but made it to as many as I could. I’m extremely grateful to the Moksha teaching team who’ve been warm and supportive throughout my practice. Thank you for helping me regain my calm and joy.” Priyanka Dhairyawan – 30 Day Yoga Challenge student – September 2013

“At the beginning, I had doubts that I would be able to complete the 30 days. I didn’t start off well missing the first Sunday and it was a challenge to catch up when I missed a couple of classes due to work and of course, the blackout! I work full time and generally more hours than are required of me but I found that pushing myself to get to Yoga each day meant I could relax and spend an hour on myself in a challenging environment. The second-third week of the challenge was tough. I was doing double after double to try and catch up/put myself ahead in case something came up with work. I didn’t have much Yoga experience before starting the challenge and I had not exercised every day in a while due to bad knees and slowly introducing movement to strengthen them. At the 2-3 week mark, I definitely didn’t think I would finish but pushed myself past the doubt I had. If I were to give advice on the next 30 day challenge in November, it would be to split up doubles if you can. I found that doing the morning class and then evening to catch up was much better than a back to back. I’m a very competitive person so challenging myself in each posture has been great for me. I love the feeling of getting stronger in each movement and also when I can sees difference from how I was at the beginning (now doing wheel and slowly getting better at headstand!). I like the thought of being able to do things with my body that a lot of people can’t (unless practicing yoga!) and learning and challenging myself every class. For me, it’s about pushing to your limit and then that little bit extra! Now to the teachers! Emma: wow, what a workout. Found classes to be highly energetic, dynamic and sweaty! Loved it, Jedda: strong postures and so helpful! Took the time to demonstrate and helped me move to the next level of postures (wheel and headstand). Can’t wait for the intensive this month, Lucienne: strong and fun. I found I was forgetting about the strength being used in postures because we were moving outside the usual flow of other classes. Fun!, Alina: strong and precise. Technique is a big thing and it is super helpful for a teacher to be beside you fixing up certain elements of a posture, Joanne: very relaxing. Combination of strength and beautiful flow. Thanks to all the teachers who made the 30 day challenge an amazing experience! One last point. I definitely am more relaxed and seem to have more time in my day since beginning to practice. I’m certain that yoga has contributed to that feeling. I am continuing this month with an unlimited pass and Jedda’s intensive and looking forward to more of the benefits Yoga offers.” Ellen Powell - 30 Day Yoga Challenge student – September 2013


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