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I am so proud to say that I did my teacher training at Moksha Academy of Yoga. For me it was more than just a course, it was a life transformation and a journey in which I was challenged at times but I always felt supported. It was 12 months of thorough education which readied me to have the confidence to share my passion of Yoga with others. The balance of hands on experience as well as detailed anatomy, physiology and philosophy lectures were fantastic. I truly loved the course, the lecturers are top-notch in their fields and are truly passionate about Yoga and this was so inspiring. I always feel at home at Moksha and it was so amazing sharing my passion with likeminded individuals.  A big thankyou to Emma Palmer, for all her hard work, passion and dedication to the course, I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to delve deeper into this ancient beautiful practice.  Sofie Mills – Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate 2014


The training at Moksha Academy of Yoga was thorough and character building. I wouldn’t be the teacher I am today without the guidance, support, practice and knowledge I gained at the school. The content of the course provides everything you need to know in the modern day, with the Yogi from the West and East ever evolving, and the course holds true to the ancient traditions that make Yoga such a special practice. – Erin Docherty, Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate, July 2014 


“Without sounding cliché, my experience as a teacher trainee at Moksha Academy of Yoga has been one of the best of my life.

From the moment that I first walked through the door, I knew that Moksha was where I was meant to be and as I progressed through the course, that belief was only further confirmed.

Moksha has thoroughly prepared me for teaching yoga in the Western world by providing me with a deep understanding of the anatomy and physiology of yoga as well as staying true to its ancient origins and philosophy. It is, however, the practical hands on teaching experience that has been invaluable and as I approach graduation, I feel fully prepared and confident to commence teaching out in the ‘real world’!

Throughout my journey with Moksha I have also felt truly supported by the wonderful and exceptionally knowledgeable staff and I have looked forward to every lecture. Although I’m eager to begin my journey as a teacher, I don’t want to wish my teacher training away as I really have enjoyed (and will cherish) every moment.

I feel so thankful and blessed for my experience and would, therefore, recommend Moksha to anyone from experienced practitioners wishing to expand their knowledge to those in their beginning stages who wish to explore this wonderful ancient practice!” Samantha Jo-Hand, Moksha Academy of Yoga Trainee, 2014


“After just one week of attending classes at Moksha I knew this was the place for me to delve into the practice of Yoga by undertaking the RYT200 Teacher Training Course. Throughout the entire course Moksha offered the depth of the spiritual teachings and practices, alongside high quality, comprehensive anatomy and physiology education. Despite having completed a degree in health science prior to my studies, my understanding of the systems of the body expanded beyond expectations. This information was integrated into the context of Yoga for holistic health in a way that is accessible and relevant for students in contemporary society.  I was amazed at the exceptional quality of the course material and the wealth of knowledge shared by the lecturers in their field of expertise which made each class an engaging balance of both practice and theory. Completing this course has changed not only the direction of my career but has also allowed such personal healing, growth and transformation. I am incredibly grateful for receiving such high quality education from dedicated professionals who have allowed me to fell prepared and confident to now teach others.” Laura Boschetti, Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate, 2014


The Moksha Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours) gave me so much more than just learning to teach yoga. It was a journey of self-discovery and transformation. The course was extremely comprehensive and it exceeded any expectations I had. The caliber of teachers was excellent and to call them qualified would be an understatement!  They shared their wisdom, time and support generously.

I finished the YTT course at Moksha with a greater connection to my own yoga practice, as well having the confidence, wisdom and strength to be able to get out there and teach/share my love and knowledge of yoga. By the end of the course I had made some wonderful connections with peers. We experienced so much together and watched each other learn and grow. It was an experience that truly changed my life and I am thankful for it every day. I would recommend the experience to anyone!” Lanie Tobias, Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate, 2014


“The essence of Yoga is the union of spirit, mind and body to reach enlightenment.  My experience is that this is also at the heart of Moksha’s YTT course.  The Moksha YTT course challenges spirit, body and mind as you are supported in a journey to realise the yoga teacher that you will become.   The course content is stimulating to the mind, illuminating for the spirit and enlivening for the body.  The course rests firmly on the ancient traditions of yoga, but then builds on this base a practical course emphasising the safe teaching of Yoga in the West.  The range of experience of the academic staff and their specialist knowledge in fields such as physiology, anatomy and the sacred yogic texts enabled the YTTs to question and explore the course materials during the weekly lectures.

The course is designed to enable each student to convert theory into practice through the opportunity to begin to teach Yoga from an early stage in the course.  The experience of teaching under supervision and being provided with open, perceptive, well-considered and thought provoking feedback has given me the confidence to guide Yoga classes.   Without any doubt, the YTT course has been one of the most challenging, intensive and stimulating courses of study that I have undertaken.  It is also the course in which I have been the most encouraged and supported.  This support comes not only from the academic staff, but also from Moksha’s administrative support officer, other Yoga teachers and the other YTTs.  The feeling of community is unlike any other learning environment in which I’ve studied.

The willingness of the Moksha staff to openly share their personal experiences of yoga and yoga teaching conveys the passion that each has for the yogic path.  It is this energy which flows through the entire course and makes it a transformational experience.” Carolyn V. Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate, 2013


“The Moksha Academy of Yoga has been a most incredible experience for me and my growth as a Yoga Teacher. Whenever I come into the studio for a lecture or to practice I learn so much from the teachers who are both knowledgeable and supportive.  Moksha Yoga helps me not only develop my Yoga and teaching skills but is also a place for self discovery in my life outside of Yoga. Yoga is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life and Moksha has been the best place to start that journey”. Lucienne Di Tempora, Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate 2013


“The teacher will find the student” as they say…. Well it has been so true for me, going all the way to Melbourne Australia to find the amazing Moksha Yoga team which made my utopist project of becoming a yoga teacher come true. I will never forget one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, intense and incredibly nourishing; getting me ready, not only to teach, but to LIVE Yoga. Marion Fotseu, Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate 2013


“After spending about 20 years journeying on and off ‘the mat’ I felt a deep calling to immerse myself more deeply into the practice and study of yoga.  While investigating the various courses on offer in Melbourne, I came across the Yoga Alliance Accredited course at the Moksha Academy of Yoga and after attending one of Emma’s classes I intuitively felt that this was ‘the one’.  I can honestly say that this course is everything that I expected – holistic, comprehensive, meaningful and practical.  If you are looking to take your practice to another level and would like challenge, awakening and discovery, then I strongly recommend you consider this course.” Alina Morelli, Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate, July 2013


“When I got back from travelling wanting to be become a full time yoga teacher, I spent a month deciding which course would give me the best grounding in all things Yoga. Moksha became the obvious choice after observing and speaking with previous YTT’s, hearing their passion and stories of transformation. The journey is not an easy one, but at Moksha we are challenged in a way that truly prepares us for our own unique lifelong yoga practice. Whether it is an undertaking to understand more about yoga, to correct your alignment or to become a yoga teacher, I can confidently say that this was the best course I could have chosen. I will always have more to learn, but having just finished my final exam I feel confident in my ability and ready to teach. Thank you to Emma, Brooke and the passionate Moksha team for a truly wonderful experience that I will cherish always.” Joanna Lim, Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate, July 2013


“Studying at Moksha to become a Yoga teacher was an amazing and intense, life changing experience. I am excited more than ever about everything Yoga and the beginning of my teaching journey wherever that will take me. Emma is an amazing fountain of knowledge and inspiration and a fantastic teacher. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone touched by Yoga and feeling the call to deepen their relationship with it. Be prepared to change, be excited.” Kelly Black, Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate, July 2013


“I would like to express my gratitude to Emma, Brooke, Karen and each lecturer and YTT. I never imagined my Yoga journey to be so challenging yet so fulfilling and rewarding.  I have had to step out of my comfort zone and endured the biggest challenge of my life to date. Without the unbelievable support of every person involved in Moksha I never would have made it. And as I grow and embark on my forever changing Yoga journey, so I shall look back with a smile with the achievement and knowledge I have gained from Moksha Yoga Studio. May peace be with us all.” Lynda Dixon, Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate, July 2013


“Moksha Academy provides a challenging but supportive environment in which enables graduates to have the confidence to impart their knowledge as teachers to the wider community”. Steven Adams, Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate, July 2013


“I came across this course by chance, well miracle should I say. I have always been interested in health, nutrition, fitness and psychology. Having my kids grow up a bit, I started looking at natural medicine courses to do when a friend introduced me to yoga. Well, having to google for a yoga teaching course I came across a studio which happened to be just around the corner where I live. To be honest, I did not know what I was getting myself into but I’m glad I did. This course has challenged me both physically and mentally. I don’t think I studied this hard since university days! The teachers have been amazing, very supportive and nurturing. The studio has now become my second home. I always feel this calm and well being everytime I step my foot through the door.  I would recommend this course to anyone from teachers that would like to fill in the gap in their teachings to someone who wants to build a deep foundation about the art of yoga teaching. Thank you Moksha. Namaste” Lana Kaper, Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate, July 2013


“Iam forever grateful for the illuminating experiences which have affected my life in such a profound and positive way! Moksha YTT is more than learning to teach yoga – it is about learning to live your yoga. Moksha Yoga gave me a great life experience and an uncountable number of life lessons which have helped me grow as a person. The most incredible time awakening of my spirit, my heart and my understanding of yoga. I have deepened both my practice of yoga and my spiritual practice as a whole. Thank you to all the Moksha Yoga Teachers and Lecturers, the Admin team, thank you to all YTT’s for being part of my life, for sharing yoga journey with me, for changing my life, for encouraging me to make my dream come true. I will never forget my time here or what is has done for me…” Berna Gungoren Can, Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate 2012

“The Moksha RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training Course is such a thorough, engaging and fun experience. The material covered goes above and beyond what is expected from a new yoga teacher, and the support and encouragement to explore even further is amazing. All aspects of yoga are covered, with individuals encouraged to expand on their own strengths, and develop their weaknesses.  The support, both on and off the mat, is immense throughout the journey. Moksha became like a second home, and family, to me during the course, a relationship which has only strengthened as I have ventured off into the world of yoga teaching”.  Megan Woff, Moksha Academy of Yoga, Graduate 2012

“Yoga saved my life. I know that sounds melodramatic, but…In the midst of a depression so bad that there were times when I wanted to walk in front of a bus, a friend, through persistent pressure, got me into yoga. In my first class, although incapable of holding poses for long, I ended up in tears on my mat in Balasana. I was blessed enough to find a wonderful studio, with amazing mentors in Boston. I was desperate to continue the journey, both with practice and a teacher training course when i moved south of the equator, but worried that I might not find a place that could be considered my “Jedi temple, Mark II.” I found Moksha through a google search, and with some trepidation, enrolled in the course. There have been times when it has been overwhelming–not because the information has been too difficult…but rather because, first, there is so much information coming at you very quickly, but more importantly because the course, the people leading it, and the people on it have contributed to the continuation of a very deep, very profound and very emotional journey for me. There have been moments where I have barely kept it together–and that is meant in a good way. The level at which i have been forced to examine my innermost self has been astonishing and moving. I feel incredibly blessed to have found another amazing mentor in Emma, and another studio where I feel safe, welcomed…and “at home” (always THE test of a studio for me) the moment I walk in the door. I can’t recommend the course highly enough. Thank-you & Namaste” Fabian Adami, Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate, 2012


“The RYT200 Teacher Training Course at Moksha Yoga Academy was one of the best periods of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course. It was an enlightening experience that has left me centred, inspired and feeling more alive than ever.

I was still quite new to Yoga when I started the course and it only made me fall deeper in love with the practice and lifestyle approach. Through the course I learnt so much about life and the workings of the human body, mind and spirit. And I learnt so much about myself throughout this time. I have learnt how to incorporate my love for yoga into a lifestyle.

The bond that I shared with the lecturers, staff at Moksha and my fellow students was just amazing. I have made lifelong friends. Moksha has invited me into their family and community with open arms. I really enjoy being part of something so amazing and inspirational.

Thank you Moksha. I am forever grateful for the illuminating experiences, for your gifts, your words, your heart and inspiration”. Emily Sullivan, Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate, 2011


 “The support I received from Moksha in completing the RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training Course was enormous. It was one of the most challenging endeavours of my life but equally as rewarding. I’d thoroughly recommend this course to anyone serious about incorporating yoga into all facets of their life: it combined practical and academic knowledge with philosophy and the space to explore my own path”. Naomi Harris, Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate, 2011


“I began attending Yoga classes at Moksha a few years before I began the Teacher Training course with them.  Having attended many different Yoga studios, it wasn’t until I began classes with Moksha that I really connected with Yoga in a way that made me consider teaching.  So I guess the very seed of my journey to being a Yoga teacher was planted with them!  As a student I very quickly realised that the classes at Moksha had something special going on; a beautiful balance between physiology and anatomy with a deep spiritual connection to the ancient philosophies of Yoga.  I realised that if I wanted to be the kind of Yoga Teacher that I hoped, I would have to study with the best I knew.  The Teacher Training course at Moksha has not let me down.  Professional, and yet intimate, the lecturers at Moksha guided me on a journey that was both challenging and full of joy.  Not only have I experienced thorough teachings in the anatomical and physiological principals of Yoga- the knowledge of the lecturers is extraordinary! – but I have also engaged in a very personal path of self-discovery.  I knew that doing my Teacher Training course would enable me to teach Yoga but I never expected the deeply rewarding journal that it led me on.  I really feel that it is the special guidance I have received on this journey that will allow me to support future students both on and off the mat.  I thank the team at Moksha for giving me such a solid foundation upon which my skill and experiences as a Yoga teacher will grow.” Tameka Buckley, Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate, 2011


“I think that for me, deciding to do yoga teacher training and deciding to this at Moksha has been one of the (if not THE) best decisions I’ve made in my life. When I started, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel, and was quite content to just learn things for myself.  But now, having come half way, I have developed a great passion for teaching yoga and can’t wait for the day when I can do it as a qualified professional!  The course has brought a new meaning of life to me, when I was starting to think that at my age (!!) there wouldn’t be many new doors opening up.  I feel I’ve found a path that combines my experiences in life, work and in dance along with the spirituality that has grown in me over time.

It’s been great for me to learn to not treat Yoga as purely a form of physical exercise, nor a competition with others. I don’t think I would have arrived at this understanding without having come into this course.  I still have a long way to go before being confident about the combining of the physical adjustments, the benefits, the spirituality and the philosophy but I look forward to getting better at it, day by day, with the help of my wonderful lecturers.

Moksha has been a second home to me, always welcoming me with warmth, comfort and a sense of security.  It is a wonderful place of learning and nurturing, with wonderful, caring people who really know what they are talking about!  And yet, the staff are all human – not some airy-fairy inaccessible bunch of mystics, but down-to-earth, lovely people.  I feel very supported in my training, and am loving every minute.

Sure, sometimes when work or life is too busy it gets a bit hectic to keep up with the studies and the homework, but it’s never a chore. I don’t think I ever enjoyed writing essays as much as I do now!  The course notes are thorough, and the depth of knowledge the lecturers have is outstanding.  I feel I have so much to learn – but it’s never been too overwhelming; just fed to me in digestible spoonfuls.  Looking back, I’m amazed at myself with how much more I know about yoga than when I started – and I know I’m only at the start of my lifelong journey of learning.  And the opportunity to practice teaching is absolutely invaluable.  Having been a dance teacher in the past, I know how much is gained from real experience.

The studio at Moksha is wonderful.  Such a great space to work in!  Emma should be really proud of what she’s achieved so far – and I’m sure there’s much more to come. And of course, much ovation to the other staff and their families and friends who have supported Emma to develop this amazing place.

I am very, very grateful to have a place in the Moksha “home” and will strive hard to do you all proud. And I highly recommend this studio and the course to anyone who wants to learn about yoga with a deep understanding and appreciation”. Miki Brotzler, Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate, 2011

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