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“The YTT Teacher Training Course at the Moksha Academy of Yoga was one of the best periods of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course. It was an enlightening experience that has left me centered, inspired and feeling more alive than ever.”
Moksha Graduate

Yoga Teacher Training – Melbourne, Geelong & Mornington Peninsula

The Moksha Academy of Yoga provides the Nationally Recognised and Internationally Accredited Yoga Teacher Training Course, Accredited by Yoga Alliance (200) and Yoga Australia (500) and is available in Melbourne. We are currently taking expressions of interest to provide our training courses in Geelong and Mornington Peninsula. We provide a thorough, practical, comprehensive, holistic, integrative and in-depth Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Course that honors the ancient practices and traditions of Yoga yet blends with a modern western focus.

The Yoga Teacher Training Course is designed for the serious, dedicated Yoga student who has a passion for the teachings and practices of Yoga with a desire to share their passion with others.

Successful completion of the YTT Course provides you with the opportunity to work as a qualified Yoga Teacher any where in the world! You will be eligible for Yoga Australia membership and Yoga Alliance membership.

About Yoga Alliance Accreditation moksha-yoga-studio-yoga-alliance

Successful Graduates are automatically eligible for Yoga Alliance membership which means that your training is recognised globally and subsequently allows you to teach anywhere in the world!  Yoga Alliance believes that the missions of Yoga Alliance is that Teachers and Schools register with Yoga Alliance because you want to be held to high standards in terms of the quality of what you teach and of what you offer the public, and you want to be in the company of those schools and teachers who also hold themselves to high standards.

About Yoga Australia Accreditation Yoga Australia Logo

Successful Graduates are automatically eligible for Yoga Australia membership which means that you will be recognised nationally and internationally for the commitment attaining ‘best practice’. Yoga Australia Registered Teachers are automatically qualified to teach in most countries around the world and will receive many benefits.

Practical Teaching Experience

From our experience, we believe it is essential that Teacher Trainees have access to practical hands on teaching experience throughout the course prior to Graduation. This is offered in order for you to apply and integrate the theory and practice of your Yoga studies into the class environment with confidence. Therefore, as a Teacher Trainee at Moksha you are eligible to be mentored whilst teaching Yoga to members of the public with supervision from a Moksha Academy of Yoga Senior YTT Mentor.

For Public Classes, each YTT is required to create and deliver their own teaching plan to students in a public class environment; this encourages each YTT to develop their own teaching style whilst refining their teaching abilities, supporting you to be prepared to teach members of the public post Graduation.  For students undertaking the 6 Month Immersion Course, they will join the roster 4-6 weeks into their training, and students undertaking the 12 Month Comprehensive Course will join the roster in their second semester of training, approximately 6 months into the course.


As a Teacher Trainee studying with the Moksha Academy of Yoga, you are provided with Unlimited FREE Yoga Classes at the Moksha Yoga Studio for the duration of your course as a way of supporting you to deepen your existing practice. You are also provided with discounts in attending the Moksha Intensives. In our experience, whilst you undertake your studies with us, the Moksha studio becomes your hOMe away from hOMe, and we encourage you to make the most of this opportunity and attend as many classes as you are able during this important time.

Lecture Notes

As a Moksha YTT, you are provided with extensive, up to date, in-depth, thoroughly researched lecture notes for each Unit of study that includes a wide range of Yoga Research study papers to support the subject criteria where necessary. They have become an integral resource for our Graduates during the YTT course as well as a supportive reference post formal studies.

Lecturing Faculty

At Moksha, we recognise that Yoga comes from our true nature, and it is from this place that we share it. All lecturers at Moksha are dedicated, passionate, committed and highly skilled in their individual fields and are chosen to deliver the units and modules that are most in-line with their training and experience of Yoga and their other complimentary academic studies. All our Lecturers share their extensive knowledge of Yoga according to their own hands on teaching experience and their own studies in their specialised field. This type of knowledge can only be shared through dedicated learning, experience and training over a significant period of time. They live and love Yoga, and have a strong desire to share their knowledge of this transformational practice with others.

Public Yoga Class Attendance

YTT’s must attend at least 8 Yoga classes per month either at the Moksha Academy or at another dedicated Yoga Studio. Enrolled students receive unlimited access to all our public classes per week at the Moksha Academy for the duration of their course.

Assessment Requirements

1. 85% Lecture Attendance
2. Practical Exam
3. Theory Exam
4. 2 Written Assignments
5. 5 Short Answer Questions for each lecture
6. Recorded attendance to at least 8 Public Classes at Moksha per month (pro rata)

Pre-Requisites & Entry Requirements

To be accepted onto the Moksha Academy of Yoga Yoga Teacher Training Course, each prospective student needs to demonstrate a strong commitment to their existing Yoga practice and will need to have completed at least a minimum of 12 months consistent, dedicated Yoga practice under the guidance of qualified, accredited Yoga Teachers.

Students must also demonstrate:-

  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills
  • A genuine and compassionate nature
  • A mature and responsible outlook
  • A dedicated willingness to commit  to the Yoga Studies and establish a consistent Personal Yoga Practice incorporating all 8 Limbs of Yoga
  • An interest in, and commitment to, Yoga & Holistic Health
  • The ability to be self driven and commit to further studies/research
  • The appropriate level of maturity and motivation

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