YTT Geelong Course Fees

12  Month Comprehensive Course – 2 Payment Options
There are two payment options to choose from.  You are able to pay for your course over 4 instalments or alternatively receive a 10% discount from the full course fee where you pay upfront and in full.

Full course fee - $6,780, paid via 4 instalments (depending on your chosen enrolled intake) over 4 consecutive months with each instalment due on the following dates:-

Intake Month 1st Instalment 2nd Instalment 3rd Instalment 4th Instalment
January 1st February 1st March 1st April 1st May
July 1st August 1st September 1st October 1st November

After your non-refundable deposit has been received, 4 equal installments of $1,445 will then be scheduled over 4 consecutive months as indicated above

Upfront and in full receive 10% off – $6,100, the remaining balance is due on of before the following relevant dates prior to course commencement:

Intake Balance due by:
July 15th June
January 15th December

Deposit:- Please note, regardless of which payment option you choose, a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is payable within 7 days of the ‘Letter of Offer’.  Payment of the deposit confirms your place on the course.

Please note, flexible payment plans may also be available upon request and review.

Policies relating to our Course Fees can be found in the RYT200 Course Information Pack and Enrolment Form.

Contact us today via email at for a copy of your RYT200 Information Pack and Enrolment Form.

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