Benefits for Mum include:
  • Increases strength in the muscles of the pelvic floor
  • Increases relaxation and rest
  • Practicing with other Mums and their babies
  • Supporting natural postural alignment post pregnancy
  • Rebalances the nervous and endocrine system post pregnancy
  • Increase pelvic stability and control
Benefits for the Baby include:
  • Supports the babies natural immune and lymphatic system
  • Supports the babies digestive system
  • Increases relaxation and rest
  • Supports natural growth & development

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Mum’s & Bub’s Yoga Classes

The Post-Natal and Mum’s & Bub’s Yoga Classes are designed to help you rebalance your body after pregnancy, regain strength and flexibility and to deepen the existing bond you have with your baby in a relaxing environment as well as providing you with an opportunity to meet other new Mums. Each class will cover postures for both you and your baby.

Thursdays 11.00am-12.00pm

Term 3 will run from
the 14th July – 15th September 2016.

Registration and payment is required prior to course commencement

The intention of this course is to focus on Yoga postures with an emphasis on strengthening your abdomen, pelvic floor and spinal column to relieve tension and tightness from the body.

There is no expectation for your baby to behave in a certain way during the class and if you need to feed or change your baby during the class, you are more than welcome to do so. This course is suitable for babies aged from 8 weeks to 9 months or just as they begin to crawl.

Please ensure that your Health Care Practitioner has provided you with consent to begin exercising again post natally.

The Mums and Bubs Yoga Courses are held on Thursdays from 11am – 12pm during the school term. You are welcome to join casually, subject to availability.


$175 per mother and baby, per term

How To Register

You can book online here or you can download and complete the following form and return it to us via email or directly to our studio – R&H Form – Courses

We look forward to sharing this unique practice with you, and in supporting you in your first year of Motherhood!

The bliss that comes from a Yoga practice that supports your body back to health and vitality, whilst deepening the connection with your baby is one that can only be experienced.



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