30 Day Yoga Challenge

Join us for an amazing 30 Day Yoga Challenge – 30 consecutive days of Yoga practice to support you in establishing a consistent practice to challenge the body as well as the mind and connect to the spiritual benefits that Yoga practice brings. If you are looking for a reason to dedicate yourself to your practice then a 30 Day Challenge is for you! Don’t hesitate and book now!

Our 30 Day Yoga Challenge runs 6 times per year – January, March, May, July, September & November!

The Rules Are Simple: If you miss a day you can make it up by attending 2 classes in 1 day.

When: 1st – 30th September 2015

Cost: $120 per person (that’s $4 a day!)

Sign Up Here: RH Form – 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Prizes: If personal dedication wasn’t enough of a reward, we have prizes for everyone to give away!

Registration and payment is required prior to the first day of the challenge and existing passes and memberships will be suspended during the 30 days and extended at completion.

For further information please contact us or phone 03 9557 5885. We look forward to embracing and completing this challenge with you!

The 30 day challenge has been a fantastic adventure.

Last year I attended approximately one class per month. So the aspect of signing up for the 30 day challenge was quite massive. My aim was to commence the year with a big positive and to feel the best for my daughter’s wedding in early February.

The first 10 days I participated the classes with gusto and perhaps with the feeling that I had to make up for lost time. What I was quick to discover were the parts of my body that presented misalignment and bit back. Luckily the beauty of being in the class is the instructors that support you through these stumbling blocks.

So at no time did I consider backing off attendance….a testimony to the dedicated and supportive instructors who ooze such a positive and encouraging attitude. I realised that I needed to appreciate what I had and what I brought to the mat, to listen to my body and appreciate the whole experience.

Not only have I regained flexibilty that I thought was a thing of the past, I encountered so many other gains that have surprised me. A sense of calm, well being, learning to be aware of ones breath and lung capacity, improved skin tone, better concentration and focus, releasing fears, warmth, believing in yourself, friendship, mental stability, pushing the body without giving up……..and I am sure there is more.

I thank the team at Moksha as you have given me renewed vitality and purpose. I intend to make Yoga part of my daily wellbeing. So I do hope that Moksha will grow and stay active for a long time to come. – Theresa Morris

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“Yoga is not just repetition of few postures - it is more about the exploration and discovery of the subtle energies of life.”
-Amit Ray