30 Day Yoga Challenge

1st – 30th September, $4 a day

For more information about the 30 Day Challenge click here

Yin Yoga & Meditation Workshop with Joti Gore

Sunday 14th September, 1.00pm – 4.00pm, $80.

For more information about Joti’s workshop click here


Arm Balancing 101 Asana Clinic with Amelia Schrader

Saturday 20th September, 1.00pm – 3.00pm, $45.

For more information about Amelia’s clinic click here

Detoxification For Health – a talk with Philip Watkins

Wednesday 24th September, 6.30pm – 8.00pm, $25.

For more information about Phil’s talk click here

Spring Into Summer Detox Intensive with Emma Palmer

Friday 26th September, 6.00pm – 9.00pm, $80.

For more information about Emma’s intensive click here


CLICK HERE to sign up or call us on 03 9885 5775 

Yoga Sutra 1:1

अथ योगानुशासनम्


Yoga in the here and now: an introduction to the study and practice of yoga

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"I wish that the message of Peace may be experienced through Yoga, which is not only a culture of the body but the evolution of the Self."
-Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar