Twists 101 Asana Clinic with Amelia Schrader

Saturday 31st January | 1.00-3.00pm | $45 or 2 clinics for $80. Book now

For more information about Amelia’s asana clinic click here

Mythology & Practice of the Warrior Series with Emma Palmer

Saturday 21st February 2015 | 1.00-3.00pm | $45 or 2 clinics for $80.

More information coming soon…

Empowering Birthing Workshop with Rachel Foster

Saturday 28th February 2015 | 1.30-4.30pm | $80 per couple/person. Book now.

For more information about Rachel’s workshop click here

CLICK HERE to sign up or call us on 03 9557 5885 

Yoga Sutra 1:1

अथ योगानुशासनम्


Yoga in the here and now: an introduction to the study and practice of yoga

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-Mahatma Gandhi