Zoe Houniet – RYT200

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Zoe’s passion for yoga began in her early childhood when she was first introduced to the physical practice of yoga (Asana) by her Mother. In her first years Zoe travelled with her family to live in many colourful and diverse locations; Africa, Indonesia, Switzerland and Canada. This helped instil in her a passion for travel and an absolute love of broad and diverse Teaching and Learning, both about others and self. During Zoe’s 20’s whilst living in Canada she discovered meditation and its wonderful benefits of peace, stillness, calmness and balance, this practice led her back to Yoga, where she continue to learn.

Yoga proved to be a guiding influence throughout Zoe’s journey of life which continued through to her first pregnancy then into her second.  After a few years she reconnected to her practice with vigour.

Zoe found Moksha Yoga by pure coincidence; one day crossing Centre Road after returning home from the city with her Mother and Daughter from the Children’s Buddhist day, since then Moksha Yoga has become a welcomed second home.

Zoe has found yoga to be a wonderful tool to deal with the modern stresses of the corporate world and motherhood. Yoga has been a constant thread in her life bringing balance, clarity and peace to her life. Zoe heard her inner voice calling to discover more about what yoga has to offer and delve deeper into its philosophy and physical benefits. Zoe completed her RYT200 Teacher Training Course at Moksha Academy of Yoga.

Zoe has thoroughly enjoyed her journey thus far and is very happy to have immersed herself in the whole experience of Yoga; discovering new aspects of her-self and others along the way and is now passing on her love of yoga to her husband and two children.

Zoe takes a great amount of joy teaching Yoga to others and guiding them on their own journey of continued health and wellbeing that this unique practice of yoga can provide.

What/Who inspires me? 

The person who inspires me the most in this world is my mum! My mum raised two children from a very young age by herself. It is perhaps not since becoming a mother that I have truly been able to appreciate the magnitude of this job.

My mum has always inspired me to move past boundaries that society dictates and become an independent thinker. My mum taught me; to mow the lawn,  to solve problems when they present themselves, to never give up, to be courageous and true to myself. Most importantly my mum has inspired me to be patient and loving to all beings regardless of their race, religion, sexual preference, colour or age.  This has become such a valuable teaching especially considering the status of the current world events. During my yoga classes I endeavour to spread these teachings from my mum and facilitate a space for my students where they can find patience, kindness and understanding of self and others.

What Moksha means to me?

I truly believe life presents gifts all the time; you just have to be ready to receive them.  Moksha Yoga is one of those gifts!  I found Moksha Yoga by pure coincidence. Since then Moksha Yoga has become a second home to me.

Moksha has deeply affected my life in so many ways, providing me with a place and opportunity to uncover the beauty of life’s teachings, while strengthening my mind, body and spirit. 

As soon as I walk up those stairs I enter the door and sigh. With that sigh I let go of my often busy day and welcome a sense of deep peace. Moksha Yoga symbolises to me humility, grace, kindness and change! Moksha Yoga through its teachers and students has grounded me in hard times and taught me to rejoice the good times. Most importantly Moksha Yoga for me is a place of energy when I have needed uplifting and a time of peace when I have needed calm.


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"Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos - the trees, the clouds, everything"
-Thich Nhat Hahn