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Patti Amenti is a writer, healer and intuitive channel who facilitates personal growth and transformation in many individuals.

Empowering people to create conscious and fulfilling lives from a new vision of themselves. Assisting people to build their own reality consciously and not allowing old sub-conscious programming to create their reality.

Patti Amenti’s gift is to light the pathways to each person’s innate wisdom and vast potential. The offerings include;  inner healing teachings, energy work, channelled wisdom and guided meditations.

“Guided meditations are tools we use for self-discovery and spiritual growth. Meditation is an inward-focused journey which allows a person to explore parts of his/her own psyche. The practice creates a direct link to a person’s own Divine wisdom and innate healing capacity. Meditation expands the awareness of self and allows the individual to gain a higher perspective regarding any area of life.”


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If not now......when?
-The Talmud