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Peter Anikijenko is a personal trainer with a difference.  Forget about being yelled at and doing repetitive mind numbing machine-based exercise.  Peter is no longer a spring chicken and after a life of activity, he has experienced his share of injury and overuse, just like the rest of us.  He is a trained scientist (BSc Hons -biological science), keen cyclist, runner and outdoor sports guy.  He will try just about any sport!  The revelation of exercise-based therapy was an important life experience and one that he is keen to share.  After a successful career in scientific research and various roles within the healthcare industry, sharing a passion for fitness and physical functionality beckoned.

Professional, safe, fun and creative best describe the training style of Peter.  Movement based exercise whether strength/weight/resistance based or mobility based (yoga/tai chi/SMR) is integrated into specific programmes that achieve your goals, get you moving and feeling better.

About Fitlosophy Fitness.

The idea behind Fitlosophy Fitness is to take a holistic approach to fitness.  There are no shortcuts to lasting change and good foundations are required to achieve the optimal results.  Whether you want to regain your previous strength and mobility, improve your fitness, specific sport performance or just feel better, we can help you achieve your aims through functional strength training, mobility enhancement and endurance training.

Exercise is medicine and movement is exercise.

Fitlosophy Fitness offers holistic personal training that comes to you to provide you with a personal and safe fitness experience in a mature and professional manner, without the “gym crowd” mentality or intimidation.

We operate in the Eastern and South-eastern suburbs of Melbourne with a mobile service that can meet your needs wherever is most comfortable.  Various training packages are available to help you achieve your aims.

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"Don't move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move."