The Moksha Philosophy

The belief is……that if you can breathe you can practice Yoga. Over the years we have seen for ourselves the many transformational processes that students have experienced in a positive way through a consistent Yoga practice, and that process of transformation is available to everyone……..simply roll out your mat and let the process begin!

“I am guided by the vision of what I believe Yoga can be in a person’s life, of what it has been in my own life, and the goal of Moksha Yoga is to transform peoples lives through this ancient practice, in order to bring happiness, contentment, peace and fulfilment to all areas of ones own life and then in return, to share these gifts with others. This ancient practice has a place in our modern world, more so now than ever before, and through the experiments of our own Truth, our own practice, these Teachings have the capacity to bring about enormous transformation and change.” Emma Palmer, E-RYT-500, Principal Teacher/Director of Studies

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"Yoga is an inner process, which makes it a solitary venture, yet it works better when you have external support."
-Swami Nirmalananda