Life Revitalisation

Yoga is a beautiful experience of self discovery and you can receive even further support with our resident life and transformational coach, Dave Beaumont from Life Mastery Coach who is offering 3 sessions for the price of 2 until 31 July! To secure your booking or to enquire further, contact Moksha on (03) 9557 5885 before 31 July.

Life Revitalisation

Living Liberated: A Jivamukti Yoga Intensive

Living Liberated: Introduction to Jivamukti Yoga - Friday 1st August 2014, 6.00pm-9.00pm

Pashenka and Nick

Join Nick and Pashenka of Jivamukti Yoga, for a journey into this amazing, inspiring and uplifting Yoga method.

Expect a vigorously physical and intellectually stimulating evening of flowing Vinyasa sequences, hands-on assists, Pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, Sanskrit chanting, Yogic philosophical teachings, deep relaxation, and great music.

We will delve into the 5 tenets of Jivamukti Yoga:

Shastra – scripture

Bhakti – devotion

Ahimsa – kindness

Nada – music

Dhyana – meditation

Experience a solid Jivamukti Yoga class and deepen your understanding of the foundation yoga asanas and assists, energetically, physically and anatomically.

Suitable for all students, teacher trainees and teachers alike.

The incentive is $80. To secure your ticket visit and book online or phone (03) 5887 5885.

For more information about the teachers visit

Yoga & The Full Moon

Yoga and the Full Moon

The lunar cycle affects the tides of large bodies of water and, as our bodies are largely made up of water, there may be some truth to the statement that the moon affects our tides as well. With the recent full moon on Saturday, 12 July, it’s a good time to reflect on just how this phase in the moon’s cycle can influence us humans. The lunar effect is the connection between the cycle of the moon and our own bodies. At different times within each lunar cycle, we may notice changes in our sleep quality, moods, behavior, and even the events of our daily lives, including our yoga practice.

During a full moon phase, it seems like everything in our lives gets a little crazy. This is often called lunar lunacy (the word lunacy actually derives from the Latin for moon). Animals start to go a bit mad, we might not sleep as well each night, our hormones may fluctuate wildly – these are excellent reasons to slow down, take stock, and be more present in our everyday lives, especially when we practice yoga. We may feel the urge to push ourselves to new limits in our asana, but, if we do follow that course, we must remain mindful of the fact that we can more easily injure ourselves during this time.

What we really need to do is to listen wholeheartedly to our bodies. Sometimes the body tells us to slow down and focus on balance and stillness, rather than on action and power. In this full moon time of chaos, it’s important to remember that you will nurture your body if you follow its root desires. If your body is calling out for a greater physical challenge, then you can mindfully provide it that outlet, reaping the mental and spiritual benefits as well as the physical. On the other hand, if your body is telling you to rein in the action and draw energy in toward your center, then heed these directions and your practice, body, and soul will glow with the health and healing of yoga.

Here at Moksha Yoga, we encourage you to find presence both on and off the mat. So embrace this time of lunacy and harness that wild energy to the advantage of your life and practice!

Live What You Love – Become a Yoga Teacher with Moksha

Live What You Love – Become a Yoga Teacher with Moksha

 Are you a dedicated student of yoga looking to deepen your practice by moving beyond the superficial, physical aspect of yoga? Do you want to share your passion and knowledge of yoga and inspire others? If this sounds like you, then a course in Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) with Moksha Yoga may be just what you need.

Becoming a yoga teacher can be a great way to change careers to something more fulfilling, or to add on to your current career to broaden your work life. Moksha Academy of Yoga (RYS200) is a Yoga Alliance-accredited school of yoga and offers an internationally recognized program to help you make a career out of yoga. We provide a thorough and comprehensive YTT course that is a seamless synthesis of the ancient practices and philosophies of Yoga and the modern Western approach to the body. The goal of this blend is to equip our yoga teachers with a solid foundation in yoga teaching that spans thousands of years of knowledge and wisdom.

Our YTT course is an in-depth exploration and integration of key areas of teaching yoga in the modern world, including teaching techniques and methodology, applied gross anatomy and systemic physiology, yoga philosophy and psychology, yoga therapeutics and evidence-based research, and practical teaching experience. At Moksha, we understand that yoga is the union of all life and, through our YTT courses, we give our teachers-in-training the skills and tools to deliver this wisdom to the wider world, so that others may benefit from the bliss that yoga brings.

Enrollments are now open for our next intake on 9 July 2014, so call us at (03) 9557-5885 or email us today for more information about our class schedules and flexible learning options.

When yoga gets into your bones and you start to live and breathe yoga, go out and share your love with the world. Answer your calling and become a yoga teacher with Moksha Academy of Yoga today!

Yoga Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients & Survivors

If you have attended a yoga class before, you are probably well aware of the physical benefits of yoga, such as increased flexibility, stamina, strength, and relaxation. However, you might not know of the therapeutic benefits of yoga and the ways in which yoga can complement Western medical treatments for serious illnesses like breast cancer. Pick up the latest issue of Australian Natural Health at your local newsagent for a chance to read Emma Palmer’s most recent article on the issue.

Emma summarizes the latest research on the benefits of yoga for people actively treating breast cancer and for those who have survived it. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in January earlier this year demonstrated that, with a consistent and targeted yoga practice during and post-treatment, women with breast cancer found relief from a wide range of symptoms, including inflammation, anxiety, and fatigue, and they experienced a heightened sense of general well-being and relaxation.

This study took subjective measurements such as self-reports on mental health, as well as objective measurements such as blood tests to obtain a holistic picture of the effect of yoga on each person’s body and mind. The researchers found that, not only did participants report feeling less anxiety, lethargy, depression, and difficulty with sleep, their physiological measures also showed a reduction in inflammatory response and levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress in the body.

Due to the invasive nature of breast cancer treatment, these findings are significant because they show benefits even to those who have been through perhaps the most harrowing experience of their lives, a fact that highlights the therapeutic potential of yoga. A consistent practice of gentle yoga, paired with yogic breathing and meditation techniques, presented a notable intervention for patients during and following treatment, and this study serves to reinforce what previous studies have also found: that restorative yoga practices are key to reducing stress and increasing quality of life both during and post-treatment, and may also be instrumental in increasing rates of success for breast cancer survival when prescribed appropriately.

As Emma points out in her article, yoga provides us with a space for healing and self-improvement like no other physical exercise practice. The spiritual aspect of yoga is particularly important in a therapeutic sense for breast cancer patients and survivors because being diagnosed with breast cancer and surviving its treatment is an experience to test anyone’s resolve. Although breast cancer predominantly affects women, a consistent yoga practice would also benefit men who have been diagnosed with or have survived breast cancer.

The findings of these studies are not necessarily generalizable to patients with other forms of cancer or other life-threatening illnesses, but the fact that yoga has been shown to be beneficial for people dealing with such a devastating disease can give us hope that yoga will prevail as a common therapy in hospitals and clinics worldwide.

Yoga Teacher Training (RYT200)

Become a Yoga Alliance qualified Yoga Teacher (RYT200) and follow your passion, live what you love and then offer that in the form of service to others.

The Moksha Academy of Yoga is reputed to offer one of the most hands on practical Yoga Teacher Training Courses in a supportive environment, delivering thorough, in-depth, holistic teachings in all areas of Yoga study and Yoga Teaching.  Our goal… is to ensure that we provide a consistently high standard of learning providing you with the opportunity of being fully prepared to teach Yoga to a diverse range of Yoga students.

Whilst studying, the Moksha Academy of Yoga Graduate moves through a process of extraordinary transformation and enters the world of Yoga Teaching harnessed with experience, confidence, passion and a wealth of knowledge in all areas of Yoga and holistic health.

Our next Intake starts on the 29th January 2014 offering both the Yoga Teacher Training Course (RYT200) and the Introduction to Yoga Teacher Training Course.  The Information Session for both courses is on Tuesday the 14th January from 4.30-5.30pm.

To find out more simply contact us today on (03) 9557-5885 or email us at for an Information Pack.

Introduction to Yoga Teacher Training Course

If you have ever wanted to study your love of Yoga further without undertaking the full Yoga Teacher Training Course, then this course is for you!

This 6 month course offers an Introduction to Yoga Teacher Training and has been designed for you to choose any of your favourite 10 of the 40 units available whilst getting a taster of what studying Yoga at the Moksha Academy of Yoga would be like. Here you can study with like-minded people, explore the key areas of Yoga that you love the most, or simply update and refresh your existing skills as an already qualified Yoga Teacher.  An excellent way to commit some time for your own personal and professional development.

This course has also been designed for students who are Yoga enthusiasts considering changing their career and want to try some of the units before making the full commitment of undertaking the full RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training Course Accredited through Yoga Alliance.

Current qualified Yoga Teachers may also wish to apply to undertake study in Units that may not have been offered in their original training and subsequently adding focus to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) gaining 50 total hours of CPD points.

Simply choose any 10 of the 40 units available over a period of 6 months selecting lectures held on any of the following days/times:

  • Wednesday’s from 10am - 3pm; or
  • Thursday’s from 5pm – 10pm; or
  • Saturday’s from 12pm – 5pm

Should you then choose to enrol into the full course to qualify as a Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher (RYT200) (full course must be completed within 2 years from initial start date) you will be able to receive recognition of prior learning for your chosen units and can then study the remaining 30 units as well as completing all other key assessment areas in order to receive the full RYT200 Yoga Teaching Qualification.

Contact us today on (03) 9557-5885 or via email at to find out more!


True Purpose with Dave Beaumont

“The two most important days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why” Mark Twain

Before setting any goals for the New Year be sure to align with your highest purpose – what really matters most to you, brings your soul to life and most deeply fulfils you – to ignite your passion and set you on course for genuinely making 2014 your best year yet!

Join Dave Beaumont – NLP Practitioner and Transformational Coach – for an evening of insight, inspiration and the key steps to connecting with and embracing your life’s true purpose.

When: Friday 6the December 2013 from 6.30pm – 8pm

Where: Moksha Yoga, 437A Centre Road, Bentleigh

Cost: Complimentary

Bookings are essential and places are limited. To secure your spot please contact us on 03-9557-5885 or via email at

Founders Muse for December 2013

Happy month to you all and welcome to the first day of summer and the last month of the year!  Congratulations to those who have finished another 30 day challenge with us throughout the month of November, so awesome to see so many of you dedicate time every day for your practice….we look forward to sharing another 30 day challenge throughout the month of January to kick start the New Year and start the year as you mean to go on.

This month we will look at the concept of Synchronicity.  For those of you who receive our Moksha Yoga Facebook posts, you would have noticed that lately, I have been reading a lot about Ritam Bhara Pragya.  It is a concept in Yoga relating to our true intention that becomes the foundation of any choice, decision, or act; this may be verbal or otherwise.  Yoga Philosophy is something I love, partly because for me these ancient teachings have just a significant place in our growth and development today as they did thousands of years ago!   What these teachings suggest is that it is essential to know and understand where our intention is truly coming from. When our intention comes from a much deeper, more meaningful place, our intention becomes ever more powerful and it is only then that we start to see life as a series of synchronistic experiences.  What does this really mean?  Synchronicity is the concept that everything is interconnected and interrelated and not separate including the way in which you experience our inner and outer worlds!  As a result, we become more aligned with our true purpose and the essential meaning of why we are born, and if you are reading this it means that you too have a significant purpose that is unique to you and only you!  Martha Graham expresses this unique gift to the world quite beautifully:-

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep yourself open and aware to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open. … No artist is pleased.  There is no satisfaction whatever at any time. There is only a queer divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others”

Some people use the terminology of synchronicity as good luck, chance encounters or even coincidences.  The word coincidence in fact comes from the mathematical meaning ‘to coincide’ where two right angles perfectly meet with one another, is there then any basis for coincidence being nothing short of perfect alignment, in that moment specifically at that time?

So are you in alignment with your true purpose and how can you align with that more deeply?  This has been the theme in my classes over the last few weeks and will continue to be our Sankalpa towards the end of the year.  Moksha will be hosting a complimentary event on the 6th December from 6.30-8pm as a way to support you to pave the way for your true purpose; we look forward to sharing this amazing night with you.  I believe there are only a few spots available, so call us on (03) 9557-5885 if you are yet to book your place or to simply find out more.

Thank you to all our amazing students who practice with us every day each week, who share their stories, their lives, their hopes and dreams, without you Moksha would not be possible.  Thank you to all our amazing Teachers at Moksha who, every week, share their love and passion for with you all and to our Lecturers, who spend so much of their time giving all our YTT’s nothing short of the best in Yoga education and training.  All the team at Moksha hope you all have an amazing festive season with your loved ones and we look forward to continuing to support you in all things Yoga, health and wellness in 2014.

With love and Namaste

Emma Palmer, E-RYT-500

Principal Teacher/Director of Studies

“Inflammation Masterclass” – a reflective blog on the Managing Inflammation with Nutrition & Yoga Masterclass, October 2013

The Inflammation master class for me was the first in its kind. It was an opportunity to present on a subject with an amount of time that would allow both the participants and myself an opportunity to really get into the ins and outs of the inflammatory process, along with its successful treatment and management.

The aim of the class was to offer the notion that inflammation is in fact a systemic or ‘global’ condition that affects the whole body, even though it can only present in a small localised fashion, such as it would in say osteoarthritis.

We began the first half of the class with an overview of what inflammation is along with the chemicals and triggers that drive it. This overview also included some time getting in touch with the reasons why our immune system needs the inflammatory process so much for the continuation of life.

We followed the process through to being able to know the difference between what would be considered the type of inflammation that occurs when you stub your toe through the spectrum to the type of inflammation that occurs in your body on a day to day basis in response to dietary triggers, something called low-grade chronic inflammation. A lot of the time it is hard for people to be able to identify that this low-grade chronic inflammation is happening so consistently. After all with our lifestyle it could just be that we are either tired or not eating as well we would like rather than a degenerative process eating away at our bodies. This concept and how much chronic disease it causes is still being discovered. It is agreed already at this early stage of the process that it could change the way modern medicine treats chronic illness from rheumatoid arthritis to Alzheimer’s disease to cardiovascular disease.

The second half of the class brought in the herbs, nutritional and dietary aspects for the management and treatment of inflammation. The focus was once again directed towards the body as a whole and how to downgrade the inflammatory process through a multi-faceted approach that saw the inflammatory process being regulated through the nervous system, the digestive system right through to the joints. Explaining the role of why yoga and meditation down regulated the inflammatory process was also an interesting way of seeing how your practice can play such a big role in things.

I can remember thinking during this particular aspect of the class how lucky I was to have attendees who really managed to grasp the concepts being presented in such a way that allowed us to not only take away the details about what to do when, but also take away the bigger picture concept about what holistic treatment is about and why it works.

The highlight of the class for me was certainly our discussion about the role of gluten in inflammation. Explaining the concepts of leaky gut and the causative nature of gluten in this process and the shock of the participants when I explained the recent research extending the concept to that of leaky brain really gave me the feeling that we had all been a part of something that had helped bring a different perspective to a process we have all heard about but generally know seldom anything about.

Without the participants in this class and the opportunity afforded me from the great people at Moksha this would not have been possible and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have been involved in such fun day.

Stay tuned for details of the next master class being held at Moksha Yoga in January on detoxification, this will be popular and I am already looking forward to delving into a subject that I have such a rich success with in my clinic.

Philip Watkins

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"I wish that the message of Peace may be experienced through Yoga, which is not only a culture of the body but the evolution of the Self."
-Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar